jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

assignment six

dear sir or madam,

I am writing to inform you that I was very disappointed with your taxi service. I read and saw some pictures about your taxi cars in your advertisement in the newspaper and I decided to take your service one day ago.
Unfortunately, I have a couple of complaints concerning them because the taxi driver never arrived on time it is arriving one hour late and never called me if it is coming to my house I saw that because I was seeing by my window alltime then once inside the car the taxi driver was smoking and I could not breath so well moreover he put the radio loudly on and my ears seemed explode.

on the second hand the car was so old and slow it does not like to the showed in the picture moreover it was smaller and it just had two doors and the motor was doing too noise when the driver switch on the taxi.

finally when I arrived to my destiny I could not believe that I was seeing on the taximeter the number was so high and then I remembered a phrase in your advertisement it said that you have cheaper prices.

your sincerely

Guillermo Ovalle

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

weather experience

the weather is some amazing for me because it show me that our earth is alive and how it does possible the life with the four seasons such as summer, autumn, winter and spring but I don`t know why or perhaps I know that in consequence of pollution our environment is rare for example here in Chile had never rained in spring time then one day in the morning I woke up at eight o`clock and I saw the sky but I didn`t see clouds so I am just wearing t-shirt and jeans but when I arrived to Santiago the weather was horrible there was some blacks clouds at the sky then when I went out to the subway suddenly start to rain and I didn`t have umbrella or nothing about rain afterward I was whole wet until my feet however in less five minutes the sky was clean and the sun was shinning I couldn`t believe that my eyes was seeing then all beginning to be dry and me too despite it I had to keep my normal day how if nothing would have happend but when the day end I had a big headache and backache and suddenly I sneezed then I had a runny nose and got a flu.