martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Assignment 7 : a Report

To: the Director
From: Guillermo Ovalle
date: 25 November 2009
Subject: A new common Room for students

this report is written to choose a room for students to use when they are not in class and they can have a place where to do their thing comfortably.In our university there are many rooms available at the week or it is take up just for a few hours in the morning.

the advantages that the students would have in my opinion it will be: a place where they could rest and ends their homeworks or tasks moreover it place or room has to have one or two computers and a comfortable seats and some sofa or armchairs where they can spend their time how they want as long as they do nothing to do.

the disadvantages are as follow there are a few rooms without noise from the street and they are situaded in the basement of the building and in the case if the students wants lunch in that room I do not want to imagine how it room smell.

In conclusion I think that is a good idea because the student will have a place of them where just will have partners and peolpe known for them moreover they could know more about the new student and improve their knowledge between them but they must to do some room rules.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

assignment six

dear sir or madam,

I am writing to inform you that I was very disappointed with your taxi service. I read and saw some pictures about your taxi cars in your advertisement in the newspaper and I decided to take your service one day ago.
Unfortunately, I have a couple of complaints concerning them because the taxi driver never arrived on time it is arriving one hour late and never called me if it is coming to my house I saw that because I was seeing by my window alltime then once inside the car the taxi driver was smoking and I could not breath so well moreover he put the radio loudly on and my ears seemed explode.

on the second hand the car was so old and slow it does not like to the showed in the picture moreover it was smaller and it just had two doors and the motor was doing too noise when the driver switch on the taxi.

finally when I arrived to my destiny I could not believe that I was seeing on the taximeter the number was so high and then I remembered a phrase in your advertisement it said that you have cheaper prices.

your sincerely

Guillermo Ovalle

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

weather experience

the weather is some amazing for me because it show me that our earth is alive and how it does possible the life with the four seasons such as summer, autumn, winter and spring but I don`t know why or perhaps I know that in consequence of pollution our environment is rare for example here in Chile had never rained in spring time then one day in the morning I woke up at eight o`clock and I saw the sky but I didn`t see clouds so I am just wearing t-shirt and jeans but when I arrived to Santiago the weather was horrible there was some blacks clouds at the sky then when I went out to the subway suddenly start to rain and I didn`t have umbrella or nothing about rain afterward I was whole wet until my feet however in less five minutes the sky was clean and the sun was shinning I couldn`t believe that my eyes was seeing then all beginning to be dry and me too despite it I had to keep my normal day how if nothing would have happend but when the day end I had a big headache and backache and suddenly I sneezed then I had a runny nose and got a flu.

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Assignment five Crime

What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

For along time have existed bad people who have made terrible things but Nowadays our society has been big changes about technology so the life is faster than before then people always are walking quickly alone and speaking by cellphone it`s a big opportunity for thief because someone have been stolen on the street it likes doesn`t matter
so when the computers appeared people are waste all the time in theirs computers so they don`t have the chance of know who is living next to them and less which is the neighbor`s names.

On the one hand with those little informations we can how many people lives in our neighborhood moreover we can know when some people strange are hanging around our houses then if we see someone suspicious, we will send a report to the police with such characteristics of the men so the police will have information and search in their database.

On the second hand you can buy a dog provided that it doesn`t be a killer dog for example doberman or pitbull by the way they can kill you moreover the purpose of the dog is give a notice if some people that don`t be you ofcourse are inside the house however we can`t leave all responsibility to the cops because they have many work at the day then when we call the police they never be on time in the scene of crime.

In conclusion we mustn`t be carefree with our houses, we have to lock the doors and windows when we go out and before to sleep and if you have to travel or leave the house alone for along time you must say to your neighbor and the police it then if they see something strange in your house they will know that you aren`t however it is the best way that you can choose because you will be safe and you never must confront the crime yourself if you don`t want to result hurt by a knife or gun.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Mid-term writing task first part

Dear Helen Ryan
I am really happy of have won the first prize in your competition and I am so exciting for this and I can't wait to be at the Camp California in U.S.A but I have a doubt about the travel`s date however I would like to travel only july because in the north hemisphere is starting the summer and obviously I think that there will be nice days moreover in that two july`s weeks I`ll be on vacations but afterward I must come back at the university.

about your accommodation I'd prefer to sleep inside logs cabins moreover in all way it`s safer than in tents because with a hard wind the tents goes out flying however in log cabins are more comfortable because I prefer sleep on a bed or the opposite I`ll have a backache

My interests also include swimming because I love stay inside the water and it is a good exercise for keep my body healthy moreover painting and climbing because to climb is a extreme experience and then when I am in the top of the hill I'm relaxing painting the nature

By the way, I would like to know for example what kind of clothes is necessary for the camp because I don`t know how is the weather overthere and how much money I need for paid food or something that I need to buy.

Yours faithfully
guillermo ovalle

part 2
dear uncle
I hope that you are very well in Australia because I know that city is very beautiful and it has many interesting places as Viña del Mar moreover I want that you know all changes that it has had for example there is a new mall here you can search a variety of brands and stores as Santiago.

Other big change that has been Viña del Mar is the subway it is more modern and their wagon are very clean and comfortable however the buses are cheaper than subway.

By the way I want that you know the bohemian nights of Viña del Mar because there are many fun places where you can see many band of music and there are places where is playing your favorite music


jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Dear matthew,
Sorry it`s taken me so long to write, but as you know I've been so busy in my job doing extra work because the next weekend here in Chile will be holiday then I am going to travel to La Tirana town first region on July, 16th this party is celebrated in honor to Virgin of Carmen this is the biggest religious party of chile because in this town lives 560 resident however in that date between 200.000 and 250.000 people visiting that place.

Originally this religious party started when the Inca prince's daughter felt in love with portuguese expeditionary however their love was impossible so they went to the Pampa del Tamarugal where they was baptized for themselves but they was discovered by natives and moreover killed for them afterwards in 1540 a friar found the cross where the younger couple have been killed then he wanted to build a church in this place named "Nuestra Señora del Carmen de La Tirana".

Every year thousand of people can see many kind of dances been the most important the demon's dancing they go throughing all the town dancing and jumping also the other dancer go dancing the different kind and giving tribute to the virgin of carmen moreover to the sun and other element of the nature because we must not forget that the most people was peruvian and bolivian
anyway I get so fun seeing and participating in this party because I feel so ecxiting when I see that numerous demons dancing in front of the audience

Well, that's all from me
All the best


miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Chain Stories

As I carefully entered the haunted house, the door shut behind me and I had started to feel cold suddenly all my body was freezy when I had heard to one woman shout on the second floor perhaps she must to be scared too or maybe she need that someone help her and the only person that was in the house was me.What must I do? up the stairs or come back outside at the rain although if I go out the house, I'll be wet then I heard to switch on the light on the room where the woman had shouted then I up stairs and went there and when I open the door I saw..

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Speculating pictures

1. the waiter must have already known that the drink smell very bad or it could have been a new kind of waiter's hat also he might have had a cold.

2. She couldn´t have had time for undressed then start to practice with her bandages because she could have had a sunburn in her legs.

3. they may have been playing with punishment then obiously one of them must have lost.

a. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?

she could not have forgotten to set her alarm clock
she must have packed the night before.

b. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?

she must have left the party earlier then she won´t have been hungry, tired and scared
she must have read the guidebook before.

c. What should she do now?

she should go there by bus because it is cheaper than take a fly to Medam

miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

The best way to travel in Santiago

Santiago city is a country that has gone growing up fast nowadays there are more vehicles than people and santiago from chile isn`t a big city then the pollution is killing the enviroment. Personally, I think the civilization has destroyed our earth and we can change this using other ways for move us into santiago and a good example is by bicycle.

Fistly, bicycle eanbles us to be our own power source moreover it is a clean power that is helping to have a better enviroment also it is so good for your body because you are doing exercises then you will be a healthy person with a great body.Consequently, this helps to combat illness such as heart attack, fat children or fat people therefore will be less unhealthy people. Secondly bicycle is a means of transport comfortable and safe because if you run over someone you won`t kill them because bicycle are less hardest than vehicles also you can ride on bicycle by small street, through parks, carry on the subway and buses because nowadays exist bicycles that you can dismantle and perfectly you can keep it inside your house.

Another benefit is that bicycles are more cheaper than the vehicles then you will save money so you will have a better life without problems about health and money moreover there are many kind of bicycles until there is a that have been thought for the family.

To conclude. I strongly believe that if we use bicycles, we will leave a very good inherid to new generations then they will live in a clean world.

Travel Narrows in the Mind

Positive and Negative Effects Tourism

when the tourists are visiting other place always are spending a lot of money in the place visited they buy many gifts for them and their friends or families also they spend money in expensive places such as five stars hotels, cars, clubs and pubs giving big tips this is the most positive of tourism because people who travel is people who have time and money.

On the other hand the visitors don't take care the place visited it doesn't matter them because they throw garbage and destroy national monument for example who isn't remenber to the finnish man that destroy one ear's moai at Easter Island so thanks this kind of people have limited the access to many touristic places and to see in the far distance.

In conclusion is very difficult say NO the tourism because all people in the whole world is free for think and move or visit the place that they want remenber that with money you can visit even the moon.

I agree with the writer in some aspect the only that I have in common with him is travel by train because is a kind of clean transpotation and help to take care the environment and it is more safer.

sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Advantages and Disadvanteges

When we are talking about Which will be the best place for to live? We are always thinking in a comfortable place or that it have thing fun then the most children and young people prefer the city because they want to get fun experiences and they like go out in the day at malls, parks here they find with their friends but they can to be victim of a kidnapper or a thieves and at the nights they go out at parties, discos, pubs and drinking enought so they are driving drunk by the way adult people wants peaceful places.

On the one hand the cities are more comfortable in some aspects for example there are more Hospitals, many kind of clinics and when you have a problem you can call them so they send you an ambulance also the medicine is much advanced than a cottage hospital the same case is happening with the education because children have access to internet moreover to live with all this technology isn't always good because there is people who give bad use then the cities can be most dangerous that the jungle you don't know who is your friend or who is saying the true also if you have a doubt nobody will help you because cities' people always are walking very fast and alone therefore they are always talking by their cellphones. they never have time for people who they don't know.

On the other hand people'scountryside is so friendly then this people always are smiling also their families are bigger than families' city children play freely in touch with nature and they breath clean air and they eat healthy food moreover they grew up with enough love by the way they are so shy and so respectful however there are places inside countryside that don't have electricity and less potable water moreover they don't have enough money for stay alive because they live far away of the village and the parents don't finished their study. In countryside we can find people so poor but happy and people rich but the last one are people that in the week live in the city and the weekend go to the countryside searching a paceful place by the way a few of them help to peoples' countryside giving a job in their houses for example gardener, housekeeper etc.

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Travel Stories

Nathan Discovers the Wild of the East Coast;$sessionid$NNUCAIQAAB4TWP2MN5XCGWQ
1.Who did Nathan go with to Cumberland Island National Seashore?
2.what did the ferry's man say to them?
3.What did they see on Island when they arrived?
4.which was the worst animal that they knew on Island and why?
5.Why were they awakened at 5:45 a.m. that morning?

I'd prefer to visit the Wilds of the East Coast:

I chose Cumberland Island National Seashore because this place have many wild life and it seen a great place for find out new experiences and to be in touch with wild natural life also it place seem me attractive because this story likes a scary movie and the other story "Caves in Belize" is so boring for me because there aren't many kind of wild animals however the only animal what was named they were bats moreover it has less adventures than the story that I have chosen.

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

What would you prefer City or Countryside?

I`d prefer live in the countryside because I grew up there so I`ve already known how is the life in the countryside for example the air is so clean and fresh then you can breath deeper without anything problem moreover in the morning when you wake up you can see the sun perfectly to come in at your bedroom without a building that doesn`t let see it afterwars in the afternoon you can go out to walking between many trees and flowers.

the country side's life is more relax than city because in the city there are crime, thieves there are many bad people they live alone they don´t care other people also there are many poor people and younger delinquent. I´d like to advise you that if you don't want to leave the city you never won´t know the nature but if you want to stay in touch with concrete you will find many fun places at the nights and visit many interesting places however you won't never find the beauty of the countryside at the city .

martes, 14 de julio de 2009


I've lived all my life in Curacaví. I´ve grown up, studied and I've met many friend there when I was in secondary I knew almost all my partners anyway there were new people so I saw an interesting person she was a beautiful thin girl she was speaking with all our partners because she is a esaygoing and friendly also she was a hardworking by the way she was studying every day in class and after class so she always was getting good scores however one day our teacher gave us a homework together however she had some problems because she was living with her grandmother and little brother so she didn't leave alone them, she was taking care them after class because her father was working hard he is a bus driver and her mother was died then I said her there isn't problem I go your house give me your adress but when I saw the piece of paper I couldn't believe that I was seeing, she was leaving next to me in the same street and I had never seen her there then since that day we are the best friend until today.

jueves, 9 de julio de 2009


1. Do you fall in love with anybody easily?

2. How many relationships have you split up?

3. Who gave you the first kiss?

4. Which was the most important place that you go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

5. What was the biggest let down in your relationships?

6. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is looking at other person. Do you tell him or her off?

7. What do you have in common with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

8. Which part of her or his body do you fall in love?

9. Do you remember the place that you met him or her?

10.who is the person that you will never forget?

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Coastal Campsites require

Dear Sir or Madam:
I would like to apply for the job of Shop Staff because I saw your advertisement and this say that you need people what can speak and write english well and I think that command it.
I like being in touch with people and help their to choose the best gift if they have some drawbacks anyway I am a person easygoing, handsome, useful moreover I have been studying english for five years at the University and with this chance I can improve my knowlegde.
My interests include swimming, tennis, and sing. for the past three years I have attended summer camps in the quisco beach, fifth region and last year I worked in the curacavi's municipality giving information about tourist places.
By the way, I would like to know more about the hours of work and contract datails and what other kind requirement do you want.
I am available for interview ata any time and look forward to hearing from you soon.
yours faithfully
Guillermo Ovalle

lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

My Own Story "Alone"

well this story happened when I was a little child twenty four years ago so one day my mother had to leave me with other family because she couldn´t carry me with her because she was visiting her mother in the hospital then she had to go out alone.

Once with mother's family friend they were introducing their children one fat and nasty girl and a thin bad boy afterwards their parents were leaving us alone It was the worse because these children were being the own devil with me also they were playing without me and they had gone play to other place then I was bored so I decided came back to my house by myself perhaps they were being happier without me already once out in the street I was walking when a pair of cops show me then catch me and carry me with them to the police building because wasn´t normal that a boy of three year was walking alone by the street. When my mother arrive for me the family didn't know who said to my mother then she think fast and called to the police and they was saying that I was being with them however when my mother arrive to the police building she had forgotten my name then she was calling to my father anyway they gave me and let me go with my mother because I could knew her and in a few minutes arrived my father It was such a relief to see them again

jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

My Favorite Film


The most amazing movie for me was A Nightmare because I always have loved the terror film and when this movie was showing on tv my mom didn`t let me see it so I had that wait for ten year for I can see it.
This film is about a group of young students that across their dreams appear a men who is trying kill them so when they are sleeping Freddy Krueger is doing damage with his knives until they are dead but there just one woman who get scape of Freddy her name is Nancy then she doesn`t want to sleep but it is not a good idea because she couldn't be wake up then must confront her fear to freddy because he need fear and week people so he get his power. Freddy was a killer of children that he never has gone to the jail but one day the parents of the children murder take revenge and burned to freddy so he has burned all of his body also his clothes and the principal characteristic and the most terrorific are the knives in his right hand and black hat.

In my opinion this movie still give me some of fear obviously when I stay alone at night and I remember that after that I had seen the movie I coludn´t close my eyes and I would just sleep with the light on.

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009


"The computer has greatly improved our lives today"

Computers has been very neccesary in the last years because it`s doing easier the human life and conecting people faster than by mails and cheaper than to do a call by phone also you can save many informatons that you want for example upload and donwload music pictures programs. however, there are people that use computers for bad purpose dowload and looking adult materials .

On the positive side they enable us to have works, pictures and music in different folders then you can to know and find clearly where are your documents moreover there are many programs such as microsoft word where you can write a letters o some kind of document that you need also you can find two progarmas for to do easier your presentations it is excel and power point.another advantage is that recent models are faster than old computers and it is being smaller.

On the negative side computers to do people or children less communicatives with their parents and waste enough hours in their bedrooms without to know what is happen outside finally they perhaps can be a possible fat and unhealthy children because they have a bad habit eat in front of computers.

In conclusion, computers aren`t bad or good depend on parents be carefull what is doing their children on internet .

jueves, 16 de abril de 2009


Dear Mark ,
thanks for send me a letter. I am very happy for your news about you and your fascinating life in your farm but me too have new news that I want you know, six months ago I had the chance of my life and I don`t think twice then in this moment I have my own flat in Viña del Mar it isn`t bigger than my mother`s house but I live alone.

I haven`t got used to up stairs because my flat is in a little hill, you know how fifth region is but I will be healthy doing it. if you don´t know, this city don´t have pollution and there are many green places with long and beautiful beaches.

about your plan to visit the farm let me say you sorry but I can`t accept your invitation.

well mark my mother is comming to visit me and I have to prepare some fish food.
If I have time, I will visit you farm

take care


jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Favorite song

I think that my favorite song is TOGETHER from BOB SINCLAIR because this song talks about hope , world peace, care our world and the best is that I can dance this song in parties, discos, pubs etc.

Oh yeah we’re back now, oh!

More bad news on the radio

Planet Earth she’s about to explode, yeah.

The stars have lost their shine today

They have all been blown away

Together, only hope can be away

Let me hear you say

One day, we’ll be together

We’ll never be apart,

One heart, one mind yeah

One day we’ll be together

Remeber this old world is yours and mine (yeah)…

See that man with a pen and gun ?

Says its over for everyone (oh no)

No I don’t believe it’s true

But, I guess its up to me and you

Together, we will find a way through.

I believe in you

One day, we’ll be together

We’ll never be apart,

One heart, one mind yeah

One day we’ll be together

Remeber this old world is yours and mine (yeah)

…Oh oh oh..

jueves, 2 de abril de 2009


Hi everyone, my name is Guillermo I live in Curacavì a beautiful countryside near Santiago I love it because I can breath clean air and every weekend I visit to my brother in Viña del mar a great city for fun and today I had my first class with Maria, my teacher who soon will have a baby.