jueves, 16 de abril de 2009


Dear Mark ,
thanks for send me a letter. I am very happy for your news about you and your fascinating life in your farm but me too have new news that I want you know, six months ago I had the chance of my life and I don`t think twice then in this moment I have my own flat in Viña del Mar it isn`t bigger than my mother`s house but I live alone.

I haven`t got used to up stairs because my flat is in a little hill, you know how fifth region is but I will be healthy doing it. if you don´t know, this city don´t have pollution and there are many green places with long and beautiful beaches.

about your plan to visit the farm let me say you sorry but I can`t accept your invitation.

well mark my mother is comming to visit me and I have to prepare some fish food.
If I have time, I will visit you farm

take care


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  1. Hi Guillermo,

    The letter is a good start but you need to work on it.You need to improve the structure and the grammar! I am also worried about your attendance...