jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009


"The computer has greatly improved our lives today"

Computers has been very neccesary in the last years because it`s doing easier the human life and conecting people faster than by mails and cheaper than to do a call by phone also you can save many informatons that you want for example upload and donwload music pictures programs. however, there are people that use computers for bad purpose dowload and looking adult materials .

On the positive side they enable us to have works, pictures and music in different folders then you can to know and find clearly where are your documents moreover there are many programs such as microsoft word where you can write a letters o some kind of document that you need also you can find two progarmas for to do easier your presentations it is excel and power point.another advantage is that recent models are faster than old computers and it is being smaller.

On the negative side computers to do people or children less communicatives with their parents and waste enough hours in their bedrooms without to know what is happen outside finally they perhaps can be a possible fat and unhealthy children because they have a bad habit eat in front of computers.

In conclusion, computers aren`t bad or good depend on parents be carefull what is doing their children on internet .

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