martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Assignment 7 : a Report

To: the Director
From: Guillermo Ovalle
date: 25 November 2009
Subject: A new common Room for students

this report is written to choose a room for students to use when they are not in class and they can have a place where to do their thing comfortably.In our university there are many rooms available at the week or it is take up just for a few hours in the morning.

the advantages that the students would have in my opinion it will be: a place where they could rest and ends their homeworks or tasks moreover it place or room has to have one or two computers and a comfortable seats and some sofa or armchairs where they can spend their time how they want as long as they do nothing to do.

the disadvantages are as follow there are a few rooms without noise from the street and they are situaded in the basement of the building and in the case if the students wants lunch in that room I do not want to imagine how it room smell.

In conclusion I think that is a good idea because the student will have a place of them where just will have partners and peolpe known for them moreover they could know more about the new student and improve their knowledge between them but they must to do some room rules.

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