lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

My Own Story "Alone"

well this story happened when I was a little child twenty four years ago so one day my mother had to leave me with other family because she couldn´t carry me with her because she was visiting her mother in the hospital then she had to go out alone.

Once with mother's family friend they were introducing their children one fat and nasty girl and a thin bad boy afterwards their parents were leaving us alone It was the worse because these children were being the own devil with me also they were playing without me and they had gone play to other place then I was bored so I decided came back to my house by myself perhaps they were being happier without me already once out in the street I was walking when a pair of cops show me then catch me and carry me with them to the police building because wasn´t normal that a boy of three year was walking alone by the street. When my mother arrive for me the family didn't know who said to my mother then she think fast and called to the police and they was saying that I was being with them however when my mother arrive to the police building she had forgotten my name then she was calling to my father anyway they gave me and let me go with my mother because I could knew her and in a few minutes arrived my father It was such a relief to see them again

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