martes, 14 de julio de 2009


I've lived all my life in Curacaví. I´ve grown up, studied and I've met many friend there when I was in secondary I knew almost all my partners anyway there were new people so I saw an interesting person she was a beautiful thin girl she was speaking with all our partners because she is a esaygoing and friendly also she was a hardworking by the way she was studying every day in class and after class so she always was getting good scores however one day our teacher gave us a homework together however she had some problems because she was living with her grandmother and little brother so she didn't leave alone them, she was taking care them after class because her father was working hard he is a bus driver and her mother was died then I said her there isn't problem I go your house give me your adress but when I saw the piece of paper I couldn't believe that I was seeing, she was leaving next to me in the same street and I had never seen her there then since that day we are the best friend until today.

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