jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

What would you prefer City or Countryside?

I`d prefer live in the countryside because I grew up there so I`ve already known how is the life in the countryside for example the air is so clean and fresh then you can breath deeper without anything problem moreover in the morning when you wake up you can see the sun perfectly to come in at your bedroom without a building that doesn`t let see it afterwars in the afternoon you can go out to walking between many trees and flowers.

the country side's life is more relax than city because in the city there are crime, thieves there are many bad people they live alone they don´t care other people also there are many poor people and younger delinquent. I´d like to advise you that if you don't want to leave the city you never won´t know the nature but if you want to stay in touch with concrete you will find many fun places at the nights and visit many interesting places however you won't never find the beauty of the countryside at the city .

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  1. Well done. You have good points illustrated with examples. However, you haven't included a clear introduction and conclusion.

    An introductary paragraph introduces the topic and some of your ideas within a couple sentences. While the concluding paragraph summarizes your argument.