jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Travel Stories

Nathan Discovers the Wild of the East Coast

1.Who did Nathan go with to Cumberland Island National Seashore?
2.what did the ferry's man say to them?
3.What did they see on Island when they arrived?
4.which was the worst animal that they knew on Island and why?
5.Why were they awakened at 5:45 a.m. that morning?

I'd prefer to visit the Wilds of the East Coast:

I chose Cumberland Island National Seashore because this place have many wild life and it seen a great place for find out new experiences and to be in touch with wild natural life also it place seem me attractive because this story likes a scary movie and the other story "Caves in Belize" is so boring for me because there aren't many kind of wild animals however the only animal what was named they were bats moreover it has less adventures than the story that I have chosen.

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  1. 1- This is wrong , because He didn`t visit anyone.
    2-"If ya use all five of y'all, ya can ketch yerself one a them turkeys. Just ring its neck like a dishtowel. Like a dishtowel."
    3-Cumberland's raccoons was horrific. They were huge, they were many, and they were ravenous.
    4-Racoons,because The raccoons at the
    Stafford Beach backcountry site ate nearly all of their food.
    5-Because they listened a jurassic sound.