sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Advantages and Disadvanteges

When we are talking about Which will be the best place for to live? We are always thinking in a comfortable place or that it have thing fun then the most children and young people prefer the city because they want to get fun experiences and they like go out in the day at malls, parks here they find with their friends but they can to be victim of a kidnapper or a thieves and at the nights they go out at parties, discos, pubs and drinking enought so they are driving drunk by the way adult people wants peaceful places.

On the one hand the cities are more comfortable in some aspects for example there are more Hospitals, many kind of clinics and when you have a problem you can call them so they send you an ambulance also the medicine is much advanced than a cottage hospital the same case is happening with the education because children have access to internet moreover to live with all this technology isn't always good because there is people who give bad use then the cities can be most dangerous that the jungle you don't know who is your friend or who is saying the true also if you have a doubt nobody will help you because cities' people always are walking very fast and alone therefore they are always talking by their cellphones. they never have time for people who they don't know.

On the other hand people'scountryside is so friendly then this people always are smiling also their families are bigger than families' city children play freely in touch with nature and they breath clean air and they eat healthy food moreover they grew up with enough love by the way they are so shy and so respectful however there are places inside countryside that don't have electricity and less potable water moreover they don't have enough money for stay alive because they live far away of the village and the parents don't finished their study. In countryside we can find people so poor but happy and people rich but the last one are people that in the week live in the city and the weekend go to the countryside searching a paceful place by the way a few of them help to peoples' countryside giving a job in their houses for example gardener, housekeeper etc.

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