jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Mid-term writing task first part

Dear Helen Ryan
I am really happy of have won the first prize in your competition and I am so exciting for this and I can't wait to be at the Camp California in U.S.A but I have a doubt about the travel`s date however I would like to travel only july because in the north hemisphere is starting the summer and obviously I think that there will be nice days moreover in that two july`s weeks I`ll be on vacations but afterward I must come back at the university.

about your accommodation I'd prefer to sleep inside logs cabins moreover in all way it`s safer than in tents because with a hard wind the tents goes out flying however in log cabins are more comfortable because I prefer sleep on a bed or the opposite I`ll have a backache

My interests also include swimming because I love stay inside the water and it is a good exercise for keep my body healthy moreover painting and climbing because to climb is a extreme experience and then when I am in the top of the hill I'm relaxing painting the nature

By the way, I would like to know for example what kind of clothes is necessary for the camp because I don`t know how is the weather overthere and how much money I need for paid food or something that I need to buy.

Yours faithfully
guillermo ovalle

part 2
dear uncle
I hope that you are very well in Australia because I know that city is very beautiful and it has many interesting places as Viña del Mar moreover I want that you know all changes that it has had for example there is a new mall here you can search a variety of brands and stores as Santiago.

Other big change that has been Viña del Mar is the subway it is more modern and their wagon are very clean and comfortable however the buses are cheaper than subway.

By the way I want that you know the bohemian nights of Viña del Mar because there are many fun places where you can see many band of music and there are places where is playing your favorite music


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