jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Dear matthew,
Sorry it`s taken me so long to write, but as you know I've been so busy in my job doing extra work because the next weekend here in Chile will be holiday then I am going to travel to La Tirana town first region on July, 16th this party is celebrated in honor to Virgin of Carmen this is the biggest religious party of chile because in this town lives 560 resident however in that date between 200.000 and 250.000 people visiting that place.

Originally this religious party started when the Inca prince's daughter felt in love with portuguese expeditionary however their love was impossible so they went to the Pampa del Tamarugal where they was baptized for themselves but they was discovered by natives and moreover killed for them afterwards in 1540 a friar found the cross where the younger couple have been killed then he wanted to build a church in this place named "Nuestra Señora del Carmen de La Tirana".

Every year thousand of people can see many kind of dances been the most important the demon's dancing they go throughing all the town dancing and jumping also the other dancer go dancing the different kind and giving tribute to the virgin of carmen moreover to the sun and other element of the nature because we must not forget that the most people was peruvian and bolivian
anyway I get so fun seeing and participating in this party because I feel so ecxiting when I see that numerous demons dancing in front of the audience

Well, that's all from me
All the best


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  1. That sounds like an interesting festival! It would be fun to attend.

    Good description of the festival and also appropriate informal style.

    You have extremely long sentences that are confusing to understand.