miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Travel Narrows in the Mind

Positive and Negative Effects Tourism

when the tourists are visiting other place always are spending a lot of money in the place visited they buy many gifts for them and their friends or families also they spend money in expensive places such as five stars hotels, cars, clubs and pubs giving big tips this is the most positive of tourism because people who travel is people who have time and money.

On the other hand the visitors don't take care the place visited it doesn't matter them because they throw garbage and destroy national monument for example who isn't remenber to the finnish man that destroy one ear's moai at Easter Island so thanks this kind of people have limited the access to many touristic places and to see in the far distance.

In conclusion is very difficult say NO the tourism because all people in the whole world is free for think and move or visit the place that they want remenber that with money you can visit even the moon.

I agree with the writer in some aspect the only that I have in common with him is travel by train because is a kind of clean transpotation and help to take care the environment and it is more safer.

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