miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

The best way to travel in Santiago

Santiago city is a country that has gone growing up fast nowadays there are more vehicles than people and santiago from chile isn`t a big city then the pollution is killing the enviroment. Personally, I think the civilization has destroyed our earth and we can change this using other ways for move us into santiago and a good example is by bicycle.

Fistly, bicycle eanbles us to be our own power source moreover it is a clean power that is helping to have a better enviroment also it is so good for your body because you are doing exercises then you will be a healthy person with a great body.Consequently, this helps to combat illness such as heart attack, fat children or fat people therefore will be less unhealthy people. Secondly bicycle is a means of transport comfortable and safe because if you run over someone you won`t kill them because bicycle are less hardest than vehicles also you can ride on bicycle by small street, through parks, carry on the subway and buses because nowadays exist bicycles that you can dismantle and perfectly you can keep it inside your house.

Another benefit is that bicycles are more cheaper than the vehicles then you will save money so you will have a better life without problems about health and money moreover there are many kind of bicycles until there is a that have been thought for the family.

To conclude. I strongly believe that if we use bicycles, we will leave a very good inherid to new generations then they will live in a clean world.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I rode my bike to work yesterday! It was faster and so much better than taking the bus.

    Your writing is very confusing in some places, as if you are translating word for word. Be sure to check your work for spelling and grammar mistakes when you finish.